Overhead shot of Olli Tea and Edibles products and ingredients including lemon, berries, and chocolate

Curated Cannabis Infused Goods –

Available now ​through various provincially authorized retailers

Olli’s aim is to become a trusted leader in carefully curated, premier cannabis infused goods, offering specialty teas and edibles. Our products will epitomize the smoke-free enjoyment of cannabis with unmatched quality and taste without sacrifice.

Premium Cannabis Infused Products

Olli crafts premium cannabis-infused teas and edibles. We work with best-in-class suppliers to offer quality ingredients and premium cannabis that is tested from seed to sale. Our exclusive tea blends are internationally sourced and chosen by our in-house, world-renowned tea sommelier, while our edibles are prepared by an award-winning chef who trained at Michelin-starred restaurants.

Olli Edibles

Available ​online and in-store through various provincially authorized retailers.

Created by nature and perfected by Olli, our edibles are a delicious, premium and healthful way to experience cannabis. Each product has undergone extensive quality-assurance testing to be able to provide a premium and trusted cannabis enjoyment.

British Columbia

Photo of Olli Strawberry Fruit Chew ingredients including Strawberries
Strawberry Fruit Chew
Dragon fruit chew with dragon fruit ingredients
Dragon Fruit Chew

Olli Teas

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Olli Teas start with quality and good craftsmanship, but represent so much more. Our internationally sourced high end tea blends have been hand selected by our in-house tea sommelier with taste and quality ingredients front of mind.

Overhead photo of Olli Rich Vanilla Black Tea ingredients including Black Tea Leaves and Vanilla
Rich Vanilla Black Tea
Photo of Olli Sweet Chamomille Tea ingredients
Sweet Chamomile Herbal Tea
Overhead photo of Olli Berry Bliss Herbal Tea ingredients including Apple, Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry and Hibiscus
Berry Bliss Herbal Tea
Overhead photo of Olli Misty Mint Herbal Tea ingredients including two types of mint
Misty Mint Herbal Tea
Overhead photo of Olli Melo Green tea ingredients including Lemon, Ginger, and Verbena
Melo Green Tea

Olli's Commitment to Quality

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Best in Class Team

Our partners epitomize our values to deliver the highest standard product offering with thoughtful and original recipes made with premium ingredients and cannabis inputs.

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State of the Art Facility

Our facility has been built out to the highest food manufacturing standards to maintain quality control at all points of the production process.

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Promote Cannabis Inclusivity

We stand behind our products and aim to create a trusted product experience meant to be enjoyable, responsible and safe.

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