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Cannabis Ingestion

Why are Cannabinoids different from other water-soluble substances such as sugar or alcohol? Because they’re fat-soluble – meaning they’re absorbed through the body’s fat.

This means that cannabinoids may take longer to enter into the bloodstream and why it might take longer to feel the effects of cannabis consumables.

Olli Eats

A guide to a safe, careful & fun cannabis experience

Start Low

Always start off small. Begin with a low-dose single serving.

Avoid Combining

Never combine your edible with controlled substances such as alcohol.

Go Slow

Always be patient and wait to see how you feel after one serving. Remember, edibles may take hours to take full effect.

Eat First

Eat a nutritious meal before consuming an edible. The effects of cannabis can be more intense on an empty stomach.

Be Responsible

Do not consume edibles before operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery.

Safety First

Keep stored in its original child-proof packaging safely away from children, pets and anyone under 19.

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