What is Olli?

Olli is a cannabis infused product manufacturer, including cannabis tea, CBD tea and edibles, set to produce product for the soon to be legalized recreational market in Canada.


What products will Olli manufacture?

We will manufacture cannabis infused specialty teas including cannabis tea and CBD tea, edibles and our cannabis additive. 


Is cannabis legalized in Canada?

Yes. Recreational cannabis in the form of flower and cannabis oil has been federally legalized as of October 17th 2018. Cannabis tea, CBD tea, beverages and edibles are expected to be legal in 2019.


When will other cannabis products be legalized?

Since Olli’s product – pot tea, CBD tea, our additive and edibles – are not bud or cannabis oil, they will not be legalized until 2019. Cannabis edibles and beverages will be legalized within one year after the legalization of bud and oil although no date has been set. We will begin to sell our pot tea, CBD tea, additive and edibles once legalization of these products is set.


Where will Olli sell products?

Our cannabis edibles, cannabis tea, CBD tea and additive, will be sold in provincially licensed retailers across Canada once edibles are legalized. We will never sell our cannabis tea, CBD tea, additive, edibles or any cannabis product through illegal outlets or prior to the legalization of edibles in Canada.


What kind of teas do you use?

Our teas are carefully chosen specialty tea blends from different parts of the world that will be infused with cannabis and individually dosed and packaged in pyramid sachets. We will initially offer black, green, chamomile and mint cannabis tea. The cannabis tea and CBD tea will come in different doses so there will be products suitable for everyone!


Where is your cannabis product made?

We buy our cannabis extract from a local Ontario Licensed Producer and our scientist manufactures our additive in Toronto. Our additive is manufactured in a variety of forms, using different natural ingredients, depending on whether it is for our cannabis tea, CBD tea, additive product itself or edibles.