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Curated Cannabis Infused Goods

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Olli Teas

Olli Teas start with quality and good craftsmanship, but represent so much more.  Our internationally sourced high end tea blends have been hand selected by our in-house tea sommelier with taste and quality ingredients front of mind.   Our exclusive blends such as Melo Green, Rich Vanilla Black and Berry Bliss provide relaxation, therapeutic enjoyment, recreational satisfaction and responsible elevation which is the cornerstone of who we are.

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Olli Edibles

Created by nature and perfected by Olli, our edibles are a delicious, premium and healthful way to experience cannabis. Each product has undergone extensive quality-assurance testing to be able to provide a premium and trusted cannabis enjoyment.  Under the direction of Chef Adrian Niman, of the award winning hospitality group The Food Dudes, Olli edibles are locally sourced where possible with fresh and thoughtful ingredients, and will in short, change the way you experience edibles whether for the first time or once again.


our mission

Olli’s aim is to become a trusted leader in carefully curated, premier cannabis infused goods, offering specialty teas and edibles. Our products will epitomize the healthful enjoyment of cannabis with unmatched quality and taste without sacrifice.